Epic judge will protect Unreal Engine

However, it won’t protect Fortnite.

At least in part, Epic Games against Apple just won a temporary restraining order. Quickly effective, Apple can’t fight back against Epic Games by restricting the use of Epic’s Unreal Engine on Apple platforms by developers or ending the company’s Apple developer accounts. However, in a similar decision, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers concluded that Apple won’t be required to bring Fortnite back to the App Store that it had prohibited after Epic included an in-application payment system in violation of Apple’s rules.

Rogers wrote that the Court finds that as for Epic Games’ movement regarding its games, including Fortnite, Epic Games has not yet shown irreparable damage and the current pickle shows up of its own creation. She added arguing that Epic deliberately decided to break its concurrences with Apple thus disturb the status quo.However, Rogers contended, keeping up that the norm is also why she’s ruling that Apple can’t cut off access to the Unreal Engine at this moment.

There, it was Apple who has decided to act harshly by affecting both third-party application developers, just as Epic’s reputation, by undermining the Unreal Engine. Rogers wrote that Apple and Epic Games are at freedom to contest against one another but their debate should not make havoc to bystanders.

In a Monday conference, in front of the ruling, Judge Rogers had already indicated that she was more influenced by the evident danger to the Unreal Engine. She said at the opening of the conference that she is not slanted to allow help regarding the games, but inclined to grant relief as for the Unreal Engine.

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