How to set up and install a computer printer Install & download Canon printer drivers – Download Canon Printer Drivers from then Install and set up your canon printer product by visiting If you just bought a new canon printer, then you have to set it up via you are a new or old use of Canon printers, you have to visit the official website of Canon. Canon offers the most advanced and efficient printing services, smoothening production, and mind-blowing prints. The first thing you have to do when you purchase a new printer or re-setup your existing printing device is to download the printer driver from

Download, Setup and Install Canon Drivers and Software

  • Go to
  • Enter your ijsetup printer model in the box. When your model appears below the box, click it.
  • Select Drivers and Downloads to one side of the picture of your model.
  • Select the Drivers, Software, or Firmware tab relying upon what you need to download.
  • Choose the Select button to one side of the product or driver document you wish to download. The Select button at that point turns into a Close button.
  • Select Download and save the file to your computer.

Install canon printer drivers through

  1. Download Printer drivers: Goto and download the driver according to your printer model number.
  2. Select connection type: Double-click on the icon and choose your connection type (USB or Wireless).
  3. Power On your Printer: Turn your printer on by pressing the power button.
  4. Wireless Connection: To turn on the printer’s WIFI, press the WIFI alarm button.
  5. Confirm Connection: If you see the flashing lights (green & blue), then your printer is connected.
  6. Read Term & Agree: Now click on the “I agree” button to proceed with the installation.
  7. Final steps: click on the finish button to complete the installation process.

Printer Connection

Now let us carry on towards the network link of your Canon Printer. There are three options from which you can select one.

  • USB Printing Setup
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Wireless Network Setup

Connection Setup Using USB wire

  • USB wire ports are known that are used to plug-in USB wire or Ethernet wire in your PC or network router.
  • Mainly computers are linked to a wired network by one built-in Ethernet port.
  • USB or Ethernet wires are dissimilar from the ones that you use to connect your phone.
  • Put in both the port of the USB wire in your printer and another on your PC.
  • Now follow the on-screen commands and install the setup printer driver software.

Ethernet Setup

  • Initial, Make sure that you have an Ethernet wire to support your printer model.
  • At what time choosing the connection type during the installation, confirm you pick Wired Network or Ethernet option.
  • So now you require a network router.
  • A switch or hub with obtainable Ethernet ports is necessary if the router doesn’t have any free ports.
  • Attach the Ethernet ports with printer and router.
  • This will set up the connection amid your printer and network router.

Best Way to install Canon Printer Setup on Mac –

Downloading Canon Printer Setup from for Mac can be installed by the below steps.

Using USB cable 

  1. Using The USB cable, connect your printer to the Mac device.
  2. To install canon printer drivers automatically, click on Add Printer.
  3. Wait for the complete installation. 
  4. In case if you face issues with the above steps, then download the setup from

Wireless installation 

  • Open and start the printer and find the WPS button on the Wi-Fi router.
  • From the htp:// MAC, download printer drivers on Mac.
  • Open the file and follow along with further steps.
  • Press WPS button WIFI.
  • Press the OK button on the canon printer.
  • It will automatically connect using the network.
  • On Mac, click on ADD PRINTER.
  • Now, browse or locate the printer.
  • Start the installation and complete it.
  • Check the print of files to confirm. 

Canon Printer Drivers Download

To run your printer and get the prints in your production you require having drivers and software on your computer. As drivers allow the printing and send the printing command to the printer. Let’s begin:

  • Switch on your printer and the computer.
  • Now open the browser and go to or
  • Next Enter Model Number Search bar
  • After that Click go button
  • Click on Download and follow the on-screen commands to whole the setup.
  • After the download procedure is done you can see it in the download folder.
  • Now you require installing the Canon Printer drivers, but previous to this make sure the printer linked with the computer.
  • Open the setup file in the Downloads folder and then run the setup.
  • Now click on Install option and begin installing, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

The printer elegantly addresses all the not easy problems by delivering the best probable relevant services. This frequently includes helpful tips for troubleshooting often happening technological problems. All the technological problems with higher solutions are rapidly found understood and sort out. It’s also probable to make a solution using conservative methods more professionally and safely in less time.

How to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Issue?

Canon Printers frequently experience press-related problems by not printing and not notifying them. Canon Printers are good at what time they work, but it aggravates us while they don’t work.

How To Fix Canon Printer Quality Issue?

Canon Printer is not exclusively accountable for quality printing alone. There are some origin causes of a variety of factors that still require to be tested. troubles will differ from the print process to the software environment for

How To Fix a Canon Paper Jam Issue with no trouble?

A paper jam regularly happens while paper or other printed material gets intent in a canon design printer and cannot be removed. When this situation happens the printer does not work correctly until the paper is cleared.

How to Fix Canon Slow Printing Issue?

The print can change depending on the pattern of the device, print method, difficulty of the document, software, type of paper used and connectivity. The speed of processing has no link with the speed of printing. This may be because of the weak network.

http // To start with the process of setting up your Inkjet Printer, follow the procedures below. The very first step in this process is to take a device, a laptop or a PC. Now, open the web browser in your device and you can opt for any web browser like Google Chrome, Internet Edge or Mozilla Firefox. Locate the address bar in the browser that is at the top panel. In the address bar type “” and then, click enter. You will now be taken to the home page of the website. On the home page, you will see tabs for various procedures. You have to click on the “Set Up” icon. When you click on it you are taken to a new window. Here you have to enter your model number. You can either type your model number manually or you can use the click select option that is available in the lower panel on the same page. Once you enter the model number and click enter, the setup instructions for your particular model will pop-up. Follow the steps prompted on your screen.

Hardware Setup Before you do the setup, you first have to complete the process of hardware set up your device Unbox your printer in the same manner as you see in the video tutorial for your printer that is available on the site, http //canon.comijsetup. Using the power cable, connect your printer device to the power supply and turn your printer on. You now have to save the initial settings of the printer. This means you have to set your preferences like language, date, location and time in the control panel. The tutorial in the video at will guide you with the steps to load the cartridge and paper follow them carefully.

Downloading the Driver Once you have done all the procedures required for the hardware setup as prompted on ij start canon setup you now need to download the driver software. In the same window that guided you about both the previous steps, you will now have to select the second step, i.e., “Downloading The Driver Software”. Click on this link. Once you will click on this link your file will start downloading. You can check the progress of this download in the Footer bar on the browser window.

Setting up your printer device After you have done the Hardware Setup and downloaded the printer driver software as per the instructions are given in “ij start canon setup”, opt for the next step i.e., setting up your device part. To start with this process you first have to make sure that your printer is turned on. For this, check if the green light on your device is turned on. After Double-clicking on the downloaded software, the “User Control Wizard” will appear on your screen. Click the “Run” button here to allow the software to run on your screen. You now have the “Welcome Window” of the driver software.

Click “Next”. You now have to follow a step by step setup guide for your setup guide. You now have to follow this guide the same way you followed the guide at ij.start canon. A screen will be displayed on your computer asking you to select between a USB or wireless connection, please select “Wireless Connection”. In the next window that appears on your screen, click the “Connect to Network” icon. In the next screen, asks you to opt for the connection method that you want to opt for. This method generally, uses Wired or wireless. Here, you have to click the “Cabless Setup” icon.

When the “Connection via Cableless setup” screen appears you have to hold down the printer’s Wi-Fi button. Do this until the orange alarm lamp flashes 2 times, release the button immediately after the second flash. Confirm that the Blue color Wi-Fi lamp flashes quickly and http // Click the “Next” button. In this process, your network connection gets “Disable” temporarily. Wait for some time to allow your printer device to connect. The next window on your Device now prompts you to enter your geographical region.

After selecting, click “Next”. Consequently, on the next screen, you have to select your place of residence and then click on “Next”. htt // The next screen appearing is the “Software Installation List”. Here, you need to select the software you wish to install. If you have any confusion about which software you want to install at this stage, install all available, you can always uninstall the one you don’t need. After selecting the software, click “Next”. You are now taken to the “License Agreement Document”. https // Go through this document carefully, later, click “Yes”, if you agree with all the terms. Consequently, an “Allow Install Wizard Process” window appears on your screen. Again, click the “ Next” button.

The window that follows, indicates the model of your printer and the name (or SSID) of your wireless network. Here click “Complete” Eventually, now you htttp:// will see that your Blue color lamp stops blinking and by this, your Setup is Complete for Windows User. Mac Users need to a few more steps. The Next window prompts you to add your printer to connect it to your Mac device. Click on the “Add Printer” to proceed further. Consequently, on the next screen, you will see the available printer devices. From this list, select the model number of your printer device. The same one that you entered in htpp:// to start the whole process. Then, click the “Add” button. To complete the process, now click “Next”. With this, the Mac Cableless Setup completes.

Canon Printer Help –

Now, the Canon IJ setup is completed. You do not need much experience to perform this task, and anyone can master this setup. Whether you are planning a new or old printer, both wireless setup methods can help you. These days, WIFI connectivity with the printer can make it more efficient.

If the above guide is not working, then you can directly contact the official website for technical guidance. You can also get offline help facilities.

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